Friday, June 19, 2009

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ATTENTION! To all Amazon associates, affiliates, A-store owners, etc.

Not too long ago, we all received a very unfortunate message (tragic to some) concerning how we advertise our products. Most of you know what I am talking about...does May 1st ring a bell? If not, here is the message...

Dear Amazon Associate:

We’re writing to let you know about a change to the Amazon Associates Program. After careful review of how we are investing our advertising resources, we have made the decision to no longer pay referral fees to Associates who send users to,, or through keyword bidding and other paid search on Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other search engines, and their extended search networks. If you’re not sure if this change affects you, please visit this page for FAQs.

As of May 1, 2009, Associates will not be paid referral fees for paid search traffic. Also, in connection with this change, as of May 1, 2009, Amazon will no longer make data feeds available to Associates for the purpose of sending users to the Amazon websites in the US or Canada via paid search.

This change applies only to the Associates programs in North America. If you are conducting paid search activities in connection with one of Amazon’s Associates Programs outside of the US and Canada, please refer to the applicable country’s Associates Program Operating Agreement for relevant terms and conditions.

We appreciate your continued support and participation in this advertising Program. If you have questions or concerns, please write to us by using the Contact Us form available on Associates Central.


The Amazon Associates Program

Now, to the bigger A-stores...this is BAD BAD news. And this is why...

PPC (advertisers pay their host only when their ad is clicked) is very effective in terms of's been known to separate the men from the boys (in monetary terms of course :P)

Now, there's one main goal that every online business has in mind..and that is SEM. Search Engine Marketing of course! I'm sure you are all aware of this...being A-store owners. We are not selling our own unique product...we are selling among MANY others...and it gets competitive. That's why SEM is important. Prevail over other affiliates and bring in the dough!

But to many...PPC was a huge factor in their SEM.

If we can't pay for listing...Then what now???

Thats easy... A free listing of couse =)

note. Even if you never used PPC (ex. Google Adwords)..this is still great in getting your


A free listing huh? ..Big whoop....

**We are constructing a free listing specifically for Amazon Associates**

Yep. You heard correct!

GOAL - Attract amazon shoppers to, through our warm Amazon-themed site and rewards(more on this as the countdown continues). They will then use our search...and POW! ...every A-store matching their keywords will come up, and they will then have the choice of which to purchase from, based on the rank and reward(the ranking system and reward plan is still being perfected, more on this later)

This will not be hard to do.

-It comply's with Amazon TOS

-Amazon still gets their sales

-Shoppers will get rewards from buying through GetChaCommission, rather than if purchased through

And most importantly

-Associates will get their sales!


That's it for today. Back to site contsruction :)

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Feel free to

-tell us your reaction

-provide insight on ideas concerning rewarding, ranking, listing, etc. (Your ideas WILL help!)

-ask about partnership opportunities

-ask about becoming a Get 'Cha Commission Pioneer


-Joe F.